40th National and 29th Inter-States Bowling Championships 2016


The 40th Malaysian National and 29th Interstate Bowling Championships 2016 will once again showcase the top Malaysian bowlers in action.

This year the MTBC Bakers Challenge comes back bigger with a bigger prize fund, as teams compete to be the best in the country. Open to all Malaysians registered as members with MTBC State Affiliates. Each team comprises of 4 bowlers with a minimum of 1 lady bowler, and maximum of 1 national senior or national youth member. Register fast as this is open to only the first 48 paid-up teams. – Rules and Regulations and Application Forms here.

For the Peter Yap Memorial Cup 2016, there will be NO master qualifying required, as previously. This time round, the first 96 boys and girls combined will compete for the Peter Yap Memorial Cup, which is open to all bowlers under 14 (Born on or after the year 2002). The finals will be held on 19 March 2016. – Refer to National Championship rules for more details.

The National Championships this year will be based on 6-game series Master Qualifiying. This is to enable the bowlers to experience the atmosphere of bowling in official championships like the World Championships where the format is 6-games straight moving lanes after every game. so come experience what the best in the world is up against. see you all during the NCIS 2016..

Rules & Regulations – National Championship 2016

Rules and Regulations – Interstate Championship 2016

Rules and Regulations – MTBC Bakers Challenge 2016

Prize Fund – National Championships and MTBC Bakers challenge

Schedule for Master Qualifying and Interstates Championship

Oiling Pattern – Montreal 41′ (National Championship Pattern)

Oiling Pattern – Sydney 33′

29th Interstate Results –

Men Singles
Women Singles
Boys Singles
Girls Singles

Men’s Doubles
Women Doubles
Boys Doubles
Girls Doubles

Men’s Team Block 1
Women’s Team Block 1
Boys Team Block 1
Girl’s Team Block 1

Men’s Team Block 2
Women’s Team Block 2
Boy’s Team Block 2
Girls Team Block 2

Men’s All Event -Final
Women’s All Event – Final
Boy’s All Events – Final
Girl’s All Event – Final

Qualifying Results –

Men’s Open
Women’s Open
Men’s Graded
Women’s Graded

Boy’s Open
Girl’s Open
Boy’s Graded
Girl’s Graded

Final Results –

MTBC Special Bakers Challenge 2016
Peter Yap Memorial Cup – Boys Division
Peter Yap Memorial Cup – Girls Division

Men’s Open – Master Final
Women’s Open – Master Final

Men’s Stepladder – Semifinals
Men’s Stepladder – Final Game 1
Men’s Stepladder – Final Sudden Death

Women’s Stepladder – Semifinals
Women’s Stepladder – Finals

Men Graded – Finals
Women Graded – Finals

Boys Open Master Final
Girls Open Master Final
Boys Graded Master Final
Girls Graded Master Final